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We at Big Pop Guns Shows pride ourselves in providing the highest quality and selection of merchandise and service to our customers. Our exhibitors have an incredible knowledge base and are able to help customers find what they are looking for. Big Pop Gun Shows are so diverse with products - such as handguns, shotguns, rifles, ammo, holsters, swords, knives, and much more! Our gun shows are your one-stop shop where you'll enjoy an enormous array of items - perfect for you. Our exhibitors will be selling new handguns and rifles as well as pre-owned guns at all of our Big Pop Guns Shows. You will also find a large assortment of accessories for shooting; ammo, scopes, magazines, reloading supplies, holsters, carry cases, range bags, hunting gear and concealment products. For the knife collectors, we have several knife dealers including custom knife makers, and sharpeners. Buy, sell and trade is our motto, but all Federal, State and Local Laws must be observed. Tie downs are required, and no loose ammo is allowed. No loaded guns are allowed; however, you are allowed to carry your gun in the show with a Mississippi Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit. For safety reasons, please declare all firearms at the door. Big Pop Gun Show Vendor Information Thank you for your support of our Big Pop Gun Shows. We truly couldn’t be a success without you. In order to ensure that all future shows run smoothly and are an even bigger success, your cooperation in our policies is greatly appreciated. Table Costs and Policies: Half of the total table cost must be paid when reserving your tables. Tables are $70.00 two weeks prior to Friday load-in date and $75.00 two weeks prior to show date. No refunds will be given 2 weeks prior to show date. No sub-leasing of tables will be allowed. You are responsible for all tables that you book in your name. All tables must be paid in full by Friday load-in time. If you book tables and they are not paid by show open on Saturday and you do not show up or call, you will be responsible for paying the full amount of tables ordered before being allowed to enter any future shows. These policies allow us to give full attention to preparing the show for the public open time. Facility Policies: In order to keep rental costs as low as possible, please pick up trash in your table area at the show end on Saturday and Sunday. Trash cans are located throughout the building. Boxes and other large items need to be properly disposed of. Tobacco products and alcohol are prohibited at all shows. Loading Out: After the show is over, please have your items packed up to load on a cart or in a vehicle. My event staff will be on hand as soon as the show is over to help you get loaded, out of the building and home as quickly as possible. If you do not need their assistance, this will not apply to you. Security and Safety: You are responsible for the security of items on your table. Please do not leave tables unattended during the show. You are responsible for keeping your table area and the surrounding aisles clear of all boxes, merchandise, etc. We are not responsible for any injuries sustained before, during or after the shows. In order to ensure the safety of all those who attend the gun shows – please make sure that all firearms are unloaded before they are displayed on your table. You are responsible for checking any firearms that you bring into the show. Pets: Pets are allowed inside the building, but must be kept in a carrier, out of public view, during the entire length of the show - including load-in and load-out. When taking pets outside, they must be carried in your arms and taken to the back of the building – front and side grass areas are not for pet use. We look forward to seeing you at the Gun Shows! Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns. Make all payments to Big Pop Fireworks.
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